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Screenshot 2017-03-24 08.41.46What once was just a hairdressing salon has evolved into an emporium encompassing all of James’ passions under the moniker Cowboymod.

The salon opened in november 1995 in Oxford’s Jericho district. Over time it’s been transformed into Cowboymod. Cowboymod is a unique emporium in which imagination abounds, where art and style flourish within the eclectic mix of items old and new. The collection, enthusiastically compiled over years, combines memorabilia from action figures to Americana, sculptures to sunglasses, to two of James’ greatest passions, guitars and photography.

Cowboymod’s distinctive atmosphere was created by James and encaptures all his great loves. A matchless ambience of unique taste and design, effortlessly put together by a natural creative talent.

The name Cowboymod describes the cowboy side of James, coming from his family in America and their ranch life. One of the pictures in James’ gallery shows the early beginnings of cowboy passion, as he grins proudly in cowboy hat and boots. Mod, of course comes from the clothes, the music and in particular Paul Weller.

The name is somewhat paradoxical in that James is perhaps a “cowboy” mod… how many Mods do you know who’d ride a Harley rather than a scooter?!

The hairdressing salon is still the main focus within the unique surroundings. James designs hair for the individual and their lifestyle in his words
It’s about your image, not mine. With 27 years experience, his haircuts and colours have devoted clients returning time after time, for a distinctive look created for the individual, designed to be simple and grow out well.

The gallery is enriched with wall upon wall of photographs taken by James. With his exquisite eye for detail each photograph has its own tale to tell from around the globe, be it a romantic Parisian scene, a magical historical shot of the New York twin towers, a childhood memory, a beautiful woman, or some of the greatest artists of the 20th century music world. “My photographs are a moment in time captured… a snapshot… me wanting to show you exactly what I was seeing”. The originality, depth and scope of subjects make James’ photographs enormously alluring. His ability to capture rare moments in musical history is legendary. Such pictures as Morrissey laughing in conversation, or the shot where Noel Gallagher asked James to Capture the look, Eddie Jordan at one of the Rock Shows at Silverstone Grand Prix, to the unique pictures taken at the encore at Paul Weller’s gig in Hyde Park.

James does not stop at musicians, he takes commissions for weddings, portraits, family groups, in fact he will photograph almost anything, from the obscure to the ridiculous! Another of James’ greatest passions is guitars, he is a player, a singer-song writer and a collector. His enthusiasm began with a fascination for guitars owned by famous musicians. He soon formed the idea for the creation of a book following the journey a guitar takes and the hands it passes through (a project which is in progress). James started by photographing his holy grail of guitars – Weller’s famous Rickenbacker from his Jam days – which had been given by Weller to his right hand man, Steve Craddock of Ocean Colour Scene. James was then fortunate enough to meet Noel Gallagher at a gig and offered the opportunity to take pictures of many of his guitars. He went on to photograph Oasis in England and on an American tour. This in turn led to many other fabulous photographic opportunities including, a one on one session with Morrissey, The Stereophonics, Damien Rice’s first American tour, and many more well known and up and coming bands.

“it’s like a homage to our heroes paul weller, the beatles, batman & george best,,,

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