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21 years….

bloody hell, sat here playing a bit of guitar, when i suddenly realise that today 1st november 2016, is 21 years since i started this business…. wow…21 years….

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the first single….

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my thoughts…. for so many years, people have ignored or just accepted our part in EU, now suddenly we have to be interested… frankly, i don’t trust this country to pull up their socks if we leave…. too little, too late, it’s like trying to shut the barn door after the horse has bolted…. stay in, if it’s wrong, let’s fix it, not just abandon it…..

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Cowboymod Emporium n. Place where art and style reside combining hair salon, gallery and store.
Cowboy Retro Americana; Mod Italian Chic
Cowboymod 1a. Art and Style 2a. Gallery 3a. Imagination 4a. Creative wonder
Cowboymod Photography 1a. A moment in time captured. 2a. Musical history 3a. Legends
Hair Design 1a. Created exclusively for the individual’s distinctive look and lifestyle 2a. It’s about your image not ours
Memorabilia 1a. Sculptures to sunglasses 2a. Superheroes 3a. Guitars 4a. Antiques 5a.Quirky Furniture
Interiors Consultant 1a. Taste and design 2a. Unique 3a. Eclectic mix of old and new 4n. The style councillor
Cowboymod 1.