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here we are at the end of our 24th year here in this store in jericho oxford.

from november 1st we will be starting the 25th year.. WOW!!!

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i am pretty rubbish at keeping up to date on the web & really can’t wait till alfie takes over….

after almost 40 years of hairdressing, i feel pretty confident with all hair types, & as someone who has never owned a pair of straighteners, i want you to know I LOVE REAL CURLY HAIR & am quite the master of curls…

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15 november 2019

with christmas fast approaching, the bloody election coming even quicker…

jeez, the amount of moaning that will go on in families all over the country… well, the adults at least.

thankfully, it will only be the joy of christmas for many children. today is children in need day.

let’s not forget all those less fortunate than ourselves. all around the world.

i thought on bonfire night, as the fireworks whizzed 7 banged, & at those sights we are supposed to stand in awe.

but what i thought about was those children who’s daily lives have real explosions & flashes in the night sky, the day sky, on a daily basis as they struggle with warfare in the home countries.

nothing to marvel at for them. just the hope they make it thru to the next day, & things might be better..

there but for the grace of god……